Inspired by love for our Planet and Hawaiian Nature

Proxarus was founded through a shared interest in agriculture and engineering solutions. We believe that we can make the world a better place by creating innovative agri-tech solutions and making them available to communities.

Experiences in small family farming operations and large commercial agriculture has led Proxarus to find a middle path. Technology that respects and works together with Nature while still being efficient and scalable.

Seeing the agility and efficiency of mobile processing systems Proxarus has set out to re-vision and rebuild the commercial agricultural model to support growers, consumers, and the environment that we all rely on.

We support environmentally conscious farming and we are committed to bringing extraction and processing solutions to eco farming initiatives of all sizes.  Solutions that offers growers and hemp product producers the opportunity for margin improvements, increasing yield while lowering operational costs.

Join us in creating a better future 


Arlen Flanagan

Director Proxarus Inc.

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