The first naturally stable CBDA hemp ingredient

Water-based steps extraction preserving the natural structure

+ Supporting spectrum of cannabinoids

Freedom to create amazing products

  • Improve your dog and cat health products by enriching it with our CBDA+. A lot of research has been done over the years on the benefits of CDB(A) for dogs and cats, especially on pets with joint, mobility and anxiety issues. Now CBD(A) products can make claims based on hard science. Visit the Learn section for more information
  • Enrich natural topical products that focus on overall skin health and various conditions like irritation, inflammation, tattoo healing, sunburn, muscle joint or pain relief
  • Create amazing Raw Hemp juice and shakes enriched with our all natural CBDA+
  • Add value to your food supplements such as immune boosters

CBDA is a unique chemical compound that differs in effect from its decarboxylated metabolite, CBD. Animal models exhibit potent COX-2 enzyme inhibition, which accounts for the anti-inflammatory properties of CBDA.  Additionally, research has shown CBDA can exhibit antidepressant-like effects in animal models.

The safety and effectiveness of CBDA for use in dogs with discomfort, joint and mobility problems has been proven in a randomised double blind placebo-controlled trial, conducted by Cornell University and a leading pet health brand. Due to results from this study, the company has started to enrich their pet products with CBDA.

Despite its demonstrated therapeutic potential, it has not widely been considered for commercial use. In part due to limited research (especially in humans), along with a historical inability to create a room temperature stable CBDA product because of its tendency toward decarboxylation into CBD at room temperature.

Proxarus is changing the game. Our research team has developed a unique, water-based technology to capture CBDA into a stable extract that preserves the natural structure. We call it CBDA+. This new technology provides an opportunity for CBD and hemp product manufacturers to enhance their formulae. When including CBDA+, there is often no need to reformulate.

What is Proxarus CBDA+ ?

CBDA+ is a full spectrum herbal extract in the form of a smooth crystalline powder. With a subtle earth scent. Directly derived from freshly harvested hemp. As it is present in the plant in its natural form.

Created with our unique water based extraction technology. Preserving all of the hemp plant’s goodness, the natural way. Giving you a high quality and naturally stable hemp extract

Not an isolate but a pure natural extract. Consisting of at least > 93% pure CBDA plus a biological spectrum of accompanying cannabinoids

The accompanying cannabinoids helps maximise CBDA’s therapeutic effects and improve the overall efficacy of the acidic cannabinoid

Providing consumers with all the benefits of mother natures infinite intelligence. 

When the hundreds of compounds from the hemp plant interact within our bodies, the combination of compounds produce a stronger influence than any individual one. We call this a ‘synergistic effect’. There is evidence of cannabinoids working together to provide improved therapeutic effects.

CBDA+ is just a more wholesome product than the isolates flooding the market.

We trust in Mother Nature, backed by Science

What is CBDA?

CBDA is converted to the more familiar CBD in a process known as thermal decarboxylation. The “A” stands for acidic. Heat causes the CBDA molecule to lose its acidic carboxyl group. This process can happen instantly by a decarboxylation step in a CBD production process, by smoking and vaporizing or in dried plant material left in a warm environment over time.

There are over 140 known cannabinoids in hemp that interact with the endocannabinoid system found in animals and in humans. Cannabinoid receptors are present throughout the body and affect different functions, including mood, appetite, healing and the immune system.

Until recently CBDA was not considered pharmacologically active. New scientific insights however show superior potency, higher bioavailability and better applications for its acidic pre-cursor. Effective in lower dosage than products based solely on CBD.

Premium animal food brands have introduced successful products enriched with CBDA based on results from studies and consumer feedback. The latter praises its higher efficacy and lower side effects when compared to regular CBD products.

Creating a stable CBDA extract has been difficult as it easily degrades into CBD either over time or during extraction processes that rely on heat.

Harsh extractions, like Ethanol or CO2, result in a denatured CBD that significantly less potent than the naturally occurring acidic form.  Proxarus’ method is gentle and allows CBDA to be purified from hemp without causing it to break down into CBD.

No more relying on synthesized CBD or CBDA extracts. Get the benefits from hemp plants that leave the soil not the lab. Water based extraction technology preserves all of the hemp plant’s goodness, the natural way. The result is a high grade and naturally stable CBDA hemp extract with a pleasant subtle earth scent.

What can CBDA+ do for my product?

  • CBDA+ can add the all the benefits of fresh hemp plants to your product. Without compromising on quality
  • Powder to powder – Often no need to reformulate
  • Improve the efficacy and customer satisfaction of your health product
  • Join leading veterinary grade animal food brands
  • Create amazing new products or upgrade your existing formula
  • Build better brand loyalty leading to more overall sales
  • Quality assured as all our harvest and produce are continuously 3rd party tested

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