Proxarus has industrialized the process of water purification technology dedicated to hemp, which has been developed and fine-tuned by our PhD development team. Based on proprietary technology and cutting edge biochemistry, this process can efficiently extract naturally stable CBDA 

Our purification technology relies on gentle water-based steps that preserve all the natural properties found in hemp, resulting in a high quality purified CBDA of at least 93%. This CBDA product is accompanied by a wide spectrum of other naturally occurring cannabinoids

Water-based processing enables Proxarus to process both fresh and dried hemp. Our processing unit is fully mobilized and self-sufficient for on farm or in facility operations, allowing it to easily integrate into an existing hemp processing chain. Efficiency, mobility and scalability give producers and processors many options for access to markets. Our process is compatible in environmentally friendly marketing and production chains as we do not utilize hydrocarbon-based solvents. The residual biomass from our process has many potential markets including (but not limited to) use in livestock feed, plant fertilizers, plastics. The process can meet the certified organic standards of the USDA along with FDA food safety standards

We offer hemp producers innovative solutions to reduce post-harvest risk in drying due to the ability to process fresh biomass can significantly decrease the financial risk faced by hemp growers and producers due to the logistics and expenses associated with post-harvest drying and storage. For hemp processors, high potency CBDA+ powders can be easily reprocessed into CBD with high yield per volume when compared with other extraction methods, which can result in reduced operating costs and increased margins 

Through the efficiency of our water-based technology, it is our hope that we can contribute to the creation of greater prosperity for farmers and agricultural communities and improve the health of local environments through this sustainable processing method  

We are interested in collaborating further with cooperatives, hemp farmers and processors. Contact us for technical details and inquiries

Organic Growers

We are situated on the Hawai’ian island of Oahu. Here we have our main processing facility serving the State of Hawai’i. Get in touch for growing, processing and product opportunities. Soon we will also be able to service mainland US

European Office

The Amsterdam office is committed to making CBDA and our technology available to European markets. Connect with us to inquire about partnership opportunities and connect with our network in the EU

Manufacturers & Creators

We love to get in touch with inspiring entrepreneurs and discover possibilities together. Upgrade your supply chain and product line with CBDA. Or co-create new products with us

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